Poor Children Treatment – Case Study


Name: Shahin

Shaheen (04) had been suffering ever since his birth from cardiac aliments with two holes in his heart. His father Md. Raju is a rural landless farmer. As per physician’s advice, Shaheen had to be operated without delay for a open heart surgery which involved a cost of Tk.2, 50,000 which Shaheen’s father could by no means afford to manage. With Shaheen’s father quite unable to manage such a big amount, he gave up hope of Shaheen. When a National Heart Foundation’s doctor gave him the trace of HPF, his father forwarded a petition thereto whereupon HPF raised fund and gave Shaheen a due treatment. This happened in 2010. Shaheen is now leading a healthy and normal life and attending his school regularly.

Mailing Address
Name: Shahin,
Father Name: Md. Raju
Vill: Masterpara
P.Office: Chilahati
P.Station: Domr, Dist: Nilfamari.
Mobile: 01756-720809


Name: Momin

Momin (2), a child born in Sitakunda hilly area was fathered by one woodcutter cutting woods in the hills and mothered by one working as a maid servant with no accommodation to live in and so used to live in a clustered village. After a few days Momin grew to be ill physically whereupon his parents consulted a local doctor who advised them to take him to Dhaka’s National Heart Foundation. While in Dhaka, Momin’s parents met Dr. Samshuddin who examined and concluded that Momin’s heart had two holes and valves were damaged and he required immediate surgery involving in total 3, 50,000 taka. Hearing this, parents of Momin started crying in presence of doctor. Then the doctor gave them trace of HPF which raised fund and managed a heart surgery for Momin. This happened in August in 2013. Momin is now completely healed and leading a healthy life.

Mailing Address
Name: Momin
Father Name: Md. Rasel
Vill: Soto Kumiria
P.Office: Kumiria
P.Station: Sitakunda
Dist: Chittagong.
Mobile: 01856-604614


Name: Jahid

HPF project directors Arif and   Nazmul were reading the daily Jugantor when a piece of new affected by their eyes to the effect that a 05 years old child Jahid had been caught blood cancer. They two rushed to Jahid’s father who is an employee in a laundry shop. Sensing the poor and helpless condition of Jahid’s family, they started to raise HPF funds. This immensely expensive treatment of cancer was being carried out under supervision of Prof. Dr. Afikul Islam, professor of department of pediatric hematology and oncology, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical university hospital. HPF rushed to the doctor, requested him fervently for a proper treatment of Jahid and pledged to pay any amount needed. During treatment, Jahid had to be subjected to infection several times. But he gradually came round due to untiring labor offered by HPF and the doctor. For this treatment Jahid had to pay Tk.2,50,000 for his treatment for long two years. This happened in 2011-2012. At present Jahid is quite well and studying in a madrasah.

Mailing Address
Name: Jahid
Father Name: Md. Abdur Rahman
House: 153, Level-3, East Rampura
Dist: Dhaka.
Mobile: 01920-451047

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