HPF Advisor


Child cancer being a curable disease, in socio-economic perspective of Bangladesh, only a liberal outlook on part of government of Bangladesh and the affluent of the society and their concerted efforts can save lives of thousands of children.  HPF (Help the People Foundation) is such a voluntary and service oriented establishment. It is our humble expectation that all conscious and good citizens across the country will stand beside the cancer-stricken children.

Professor Dr. Afikul Islam
M.B.B.S, F.C.P.S,M.D
Chairman and Professor
Department of Pediatric, Hematology and Oncology
Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, Dhaka.


Children possessing sound health are the helmsmen of a nation. On their becoming ill, the nation also turns into   an entity without the very backbone. Every citizen expects a healthy and normal life for each and every child. HPF has been working to help    innumerable ill-fated children come back to a healthy living. We all ought to be involved in such a service oriented program. With this end in view, HPF’s initiative on children is praiseworthy indeed. I being associated with HPF wish it all the best.

Prof. Dr. Mohammed Sharifuzzaman
M.B.B.S, M.S, Cardiac Surgeon
National Heart Foundation Hospital and Research Institute


Human being is the best of creations. And when this human being selflessly stands beside the helpless and distressed, his very excellence gets proved. I am much contented and glad that our youths have devoted themselves to such a noble cause. I bid them my heartfelt thanks for this sense of humanitarian responsibility on their part and wish all the best.

M Abdul Kader
Supreme Court of Bangladesh


A sense of mutual responsibility is but the beauty of a united community. In a society marked by inequality and deprivation, those who have made material progress have a vital role to play and endless responsibilities to carry out towards those lagging far behind. Perhaps out of such a noble feeling that some youth having sensitive minds capitalizing on youthful vigor have come forward to upgrade lot of the impoverished and the distressed of the society. I am grateful having been a practical activist amidst those having been taking initiatives one after another with multidimensional services as their target. I believe sources of funding of such a project being beneficial both to the society and the people in general will be maintained in light of transparency and out of this heartfelt belief, I wish a great success to all their auspicious initiatives.

Dr. Golam Mohiuddin Faruk
Cancer Specialist and Health Economist
Associate Professor
Department of Radiotherapy
Dhaka Medical College Hospital.


First of all thanks to almighty allah, for giving such opportunity to associate with Help the People Foundation an organization that is non Profit and works for mankind. If every single person wishes from the bottom of their heart and step forward from their own spaces for the poor and vulnerable kids for ensuring their health care and quality education, them we became a pioneer nation its for sure.

Best wishes for Help the People Foundation for their work for the major areas in Bangladesh with success.

SM Shariful Islam
Bangladesh Police Co-Operative Society